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JumpUSA Non-Bouncing, Soft Medicine Balls

Whether you want to improve your performance in a specific sports or just build a leaner, stronger, fitter body medicine balls can help. You can do hundreds of exercises with them to get stronger, fitter, and more powerful. This includes throws, lifts, twists, and slams. JumpUSA’s Soft Medicine Balls makes many of these exercises even more effective.

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First Place Slam Medicine Ball

The First Place Slam Medicine Ball enables you to strengthen and condition your body in ways not possible with regular medicine balls or free weights. This includes: circular swings, forward and diagonal chops, and slams. All while moving continuously.

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Sissel Pro Stabilty Balls Review

Stability balls, also referred to as Swiss Balls and Physio Balls are a great training tool that can help add variety and challenge to your workouts. You can do hundreds of exercises on a stability ball including: crunches, back extensions, and push ups. You can also do exercises like bench presses, seated shoulder presses, and […]

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